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Barack Hussein Obama, The Muslim President

While the domestic landscape seems to be filled with all kinds of controversial issues, on the international front, the Obama administration has really lowered the bar to yet unspeakable new lows.

Barack Hussein Obama, The Muslim President


By Obie Usategui July 27, 2015 | Comments| Print friendly |

You know what? Not a day goes by where I am not appalled with what we have come to be as a nation—the once mighty superpower we once were—to be no more; now, the laughing stock of many around the world, especially our adversaries.

As a matter of fact, I am utterly repulsed and unreservedly nauseated with all the headline news, op-eds, editorials, soundbites and tabloids of banner stories which continue to proliferate our airwaves, radio broadcasts and telecasts with serial threads of our nation’s undeterred road to Armageddon; to mankind’s inevitable demise under the ill-advised leadership of a black Muslim XXX by the name of Barack Hussein Obama.

And…don’t anyone out there dare call the damn race card on me, as I am sick and tired of defending all of you white apologists who elected this egomaniac to the office of the president, not once but twice – shame on you all and damn you, too.


For a moment there I really thought I had seen it all, from Obama’s overt swap of five high-ranking Islamic Taliban fundamentalists for an alleged U.S. Army pot-head deserter, to the repulsive trade of three Cuban spies earlier convicted for espionage and conspiracy to commit murder acting as agents of a foreign government, unsuspectedly traded by the Obama administration for one U.S. contractor and an unknown Cuban working as American intelligence agent.

From Obama’s despicable photo-op on a golf cart at Martha’s Vineyard approximately eight minutes after pronouncing a highly manicured tele-prompted mourning speech over the death of just- beheaded American James Foley; to the administration’s heinous abandonment of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, and three other American heroes, defenselessly left to be brutally burned and murdered at the hands of radical Islamic animals while attacking the American diplomatic compound at Benghazi, Libya, on September 11th, 2012. I thought I had seen it all. All the while as our feeble-minded president perversely refuses to coin the terms ‘terrorists’ and ‘terrorism’, to describe this cadre of ruthless assassins.

Yes, you and I thought we had seen it all, but actually we had not. Far from it, actually. The president realizes, albeit while the rest of the American people go about their daily business, that time is running out on his commitment to fundamentally transform the nation or, shall we say, fundamentally destroy the nation?

With no impending elections on the horizon and no more popular votes to worry about there are no deterrents, per se, are there? The rat, it seems, feels unrestricted to complete the political mêlée that he started seven years back.

Why not?

Americans, by and large, seem not to care much about what is going on to the point where many gluttons for punishment are seriously wanting more of the same, as demonstrated by some pre-election polls supporting the Clinton witch in her race for the presidency on 2016. Shame on you all again.

You know, as far as I am concerned, some of the inherent traits concomitant to garrison states is the fact that their leaders are invariably strong-arm dictators bonded by psychopathic disorders; ego maniacal personalities with a delusional desire to be out-and-out in absolute control of everything.

A spot-on telltale sign on the makings of all totalitarian states, historically, comes by way of their leaders’ uncompromising willingness to ignore the constitution and the rule of law of the land, precariously challenging the status-quo and the establishment while dauntingly imposing their autocratic diktats and tyrannical edicts upon the peoples of the land amidst an aura of deception well embroidered in magnanimous falsehoods of better-things-to-come. And…if this sounds all too familiar, it’s because it is. This is exactly what has taken place under the Obama reign of so-called ‘change’.

Barack Obama has an unending list of daring ‘firsts’. We are now the closest we have ever been to becoming a full-fledged dictatorship. Notably, through the limitless powers inherent to presidential Executive Orders, this president has side-stepped and bypassed the Congress of the United States, almost at will.

For the first time ever in the history of the nation Americans have been mandated to adopt laws, commensurately against the peoples’ will.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [ACA], a/k/a ObamaCare, is just one vibrant example of this man’s malicious imposition to have it his way, regardless.

Obamacare, more likely than not, will go down in history as one of the most controversial pieces of legislation ever; admittedly one which many Congressmen and women did…………….MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

via Barack Hussein Obama, The Muslim President.

via Barack Hussein Obama, The Muslim President.

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