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Politics & the Risk of a 3rd Party for 2016

Politics & the Risk of a 3rd Party for 2016

armstrong economics ^ | July 25, 2015 | Martin Armstrong

Posted on 7/25/2015, 8:11:15 PM by dontreadthis

Historically, it has always been the Republican Party that splits. It has been a odd mixture of liberalism from the viewpoint of citizen rights before those of the government and the original constitutional goal of preserving the sovereignty of the states v the the Federalists. This liberal view has often taken the position of Libertarian whereas the so called “liberal” view of the Democrats is not liberal at all, it is liberal with other people’s money in the battle-cry of Marxism. This Republican “libertarian-ism” is what Trump is tapping into as is Bernie Sanders in the Democratic party. Both the traditional Republicans are owned by the NY banks as is Hillary Clinton, in who more people now distrust Hilary than trust her. This Republican “libertarian-ism” actually traces back to Thomas Jefferson – the ultimate anti-Federalist. Jefferson championed the Bill of Rights that both the Republicans and the Democrats no longer respect as demonstrated by Obama’s actions being indistinguishable from Bush regarding the NSA and both sides called Snowden a traitor.

The humility of Jefferson further showing his Libertarian views can be demonstrated simply by reading his tombstone. There is no mention of him being President of the United States. His accomplishments regarding liberty and for his home state are duly noted. He omitted any mention of being President since he was an anti-Federalist

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via Politics & the Risk of a 3rd Party for 2016.

via Politics & the Risk of a 3rd Party for 2016.

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