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Marshal law vs. martial law

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Marshal vs. martial

Martial is only an adjective, and it is narrowly defined. It describes things that are (1) of or related to war, (2) related to the armed forces, and (3) characteristic of or befitting a warrior.

Marshal (with one l) is broader. It can serve as a noun referring to (1) a person holding one of various official positions, (2) a military officer, (3) an officer of the law or fire department in the U.S., or (4) a person in charge of a parade or ceremony; or as a verb meaning (1) to arrange or place (usually military personnel) in line for a parade or maneuver, (2) to arrange in methodical order, or (3) to enlist, gather, or organize.

The words are easily confused. In addition to being homophones, they both also come up in the military sphere. The key to keeping them…

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